The Fundamentals of Photography – Members Exclusive

The Fundamentals of Photography – TEDS Exclusive

The Fundamentals of Photography – Members Exclusive


Rich Johnston covers an easy to apply “Method of Operation” with 6 easy to apply steps to start you thinking like a photographer.

The course outlines everything you need to know to take control of your camera and gain a deeper understanding of the digital features and their creative application.

Rich will discuss core photography concepts and introduce you to the basic gear you need to take the frustration out of our photography experience.

You’ll learn :

  • To think like a photographer when applying settings to the camera
  • ISO
  • White Balance
  • Focusing options
  • Metering for correct exposure
  • Confidently making a creative choice to shoot Aperture priority or Shutter priority

Rich will encourage you to have your camera in your hand during the training rather than taking written notes, it’s this hands on learning that will have you innate with your cameras menu and understand what your camera will produce.

This course is designed to build confidence with handling the fundamental camera settings and have you practicing the craft of photography and developing your own artistic style.

Whether you’ve just purchased your first digital camera or are a seasoned photographer ready for a refresher course, this class will give you the information, skills and inspiration to take your work to new heights.



Lesson 1 - Fundamentals of Photography
Lesson 3 – ISO
Lesson 4 - White Balance
Lesson 10 – Putting it all together

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